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** Fed Up With Struggling to Get Ahead Financially and Curious About Ways To Generate EXTRA INCOME from Home? 

** Need to Repair Your Credit, But Just Don't Know How?

** Interested in Learning How To PROTECT your family by using Living Insurance Benefits  To save Your Family Financially From Unforeseen Critical, Chronic, or Terminal Illness for as Little as $20 - $30 per month? 

FINANCIAL EDUCATION. prosperity networking with a purpose. 


Dr. Amy's Economic Empowerment Forum! Dr. Amy will be traveling the Country to share some of the financial strategies she's learned to help the masses take control of their economic destiny!!! With the state of the nation the way it is today, we must take ACTION NOW to generate our own wealth! We cannot wait for someone else to save us, because it will not happen.  

As such, Dr. Amy has committed herself to HELPING and EDUCATING individuals on much needed Money Making Business Strategies that anyone can use to take back their lives and upgrade their current financial situation, become self-sufficient, and change their lives for the better; even on a part-time basis while still working a full-time J.O.B. 

Dr. Hymes will be teaching PROSPERITY Principles and MINDSET concepts from her "Prescription To Reach Abundant Success" Book and helping individuals to get started on the road to financial freedom.  It all starts with modeling what works and  then taking inspired action in the right direction on a daily basis!  Know that WE ARE NOT POWERLESS!!! We just need to take the TIME to LEARN what to do, and then take action everyday to bring about the desired change.  

At this Forum, Dr. Amy will show you the way and help you to understand how you too can become financially self-sufficient by becoming an entrepreneur.  We will be providing financial literacy training; giving step-by-step guidance on "how-to" create the mindset to develop the prosperity consciousness that's necessary to mobilize your efforts; and sharing some basic work-from-home business strategies that you can add to your agenda to catapult your financial endeavors to the next level of financial success!   But most importantly, you will LEARN how to use a simple business model used by many successful business owners to TURN YOUR PASSION into an income stream and pay less taxes to uncle Sam at the end of the year.

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